Our Mission

“To inspire and encourage through the art of dance.”

Miss Auti is a dance brand and personality that provides technical tutorials, choreography films, and advice for all dancers. The company promotes expert dance education through the means of humor, self-love, and kindness.

Our Team

Auti Kamal

Chief Content Creator

Auti is a dance teacher, choreographer, and digital content creator. With many years of training, a BA in Dance, and countless teaching opportunities up her sleeve, Auti has taken to the social media world to create an impact much bigger than herself. She is an empathic, sunshine loving soul, wanting to inspire and be inspired. Aside from her daily work life, Auti enjoys spending time with her pup, Milo, meditating and journaling, and hanging out with her loved ones. She is on a mission to create the most beautiful, fulfilling life for herself and those around her.

Brayden Curtis Director of Photography

Brayden Curtis

Director of Photography

Brayden Curtis is a filmmaker who’s been working in the digital media space for the last 13 years. After discovering YouTube in middle school, Brayden has been exploring content creation across various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. Brayden met Auti during his freshmen year attending film school and the two have been frequent collaborators ever since. His passion is to continually push himself to learn new skills, which led to him becoming a professional live stream director and podcast producer, on top of his usual video production work. Brayden is a key component to the Miss Auti brand and its growth, as the company’s Director of Photography.

Frank Kamal

Business Manager

Frank (Z) Kamal is an experienced business coach and entrepreneur. With a super curious mind on new business ideas, his past professional experiences include multiple executive leadership positions and entrepreneurship spells. But Z considers himself to be a student of life more than anything else. He loves people, the arts, the Tao Te Ching philosophy, and learning about human behavior. His personal mission in life is, “To be a positive differentiator with every person and every situation he encounters in his life and to leave behind a legacy of love, compassion, and peace.” To balance life and work, Z spends time with friends and family, take part in a local soccer game, or catch a live soccer match on TV – obviously his favorite sport. Currently, as Miss Auti’s Executive Business Manager, Z is responsible for the overall business strategy of the Miss Auti brand, and its ongoing business agreements and partnerships.

Geoff Kutnick


Geoff Kutnick is the former CEO of Foodbeast Inc., a digital food publication and publisher agency, and is currently a digital media, marketing, and event consultant. With a decade’s worth of experience tied to business development, advertising operations, and consumer strategies across dozens of brands in the Fortune 1000, he’s excited to advise the next generation of content upstarts.

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