Auti Kamal

Auti Kamal is a sought after master teacher and choreographer. Her work has been featured on the World of Dance LIVE stage, Club Jeté stage, and Dance Magazine.

Miss Kamal has a BA in Dance from California State University, Long Beach where she was chosen twice by the prestigious faculty to present her original pieces in student concerts. Auti has attracted a large global audience to her Youtube channel with over 23 million collective views on her content that promotes “all things dance”.

Miss Kamal’s teaching credits include Millennium Dance Complex Orange County and Liberate Artists, where she was on faculty alongside So You Think You Can Dance alums. She is a well-rounded artist with a killer drive to create and continue expanding her platform. Above all, she values kindness, professionalism, and inspiring others to pursue their dreams. Auti is best known for her encouraging, authentic, and humorous approach to educating and motivating her students and viewers from around the world.

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