The App: Ti & Me

Ti and Me Studio is the ultimate training space for aspiring dancers! Ever watch a dance tutorial and feel completely lost?! Not here. Each video is broken down, step-by-step, helping you actually learn and grow. We don’t do boring or intimidating- each class is led in a fun, encouraging, and inclusive way. EVERYBODY can dance. Take your dance training to the next level with the click of a button! Transform your home into your own personal dance studio by following On Demand videos on all your devices.

“The Ti & Me app has been my go-to as I focus on the fundamentals, not only as I return to training myself, but also as I create plans for my students! It’s well organized and offers a lot of variety for various levels. It’s completely addictive.”

– Taylor (Ti & Me Member)

Outstanding. Super easy to use and follow along. I feel like I am really grasping the techniques applied and really like the step by step style that is helping me improve a ton. Highly recommended and I rarely add reviews, but had to say thank you for this amazing tool for dancers!”

– Cali (Ti & Me Member)

“I’ve always wanted to dance and finally found the teacher to make those dreams a reality. Can’t recommend her and this app enough!”

– Prestlee (Ti & Me Member)

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