The Channel

A friendly platform for dancers of all backgrounds to learn, laugh, and grow. Miss Auti has weekly uploads on anything and everything dance related, promoting the idea that life is beautiful when full of movement, self-love, and joy. Viewers can expect technical skill tutorials, choreography follow alongs, dance trends, and a motivational advice series called “Dancers’ Corner”.

“Auti is an absolute joy to work with. She has a beautiful personality and a way of telling a story that can help highlight a business. She is professional and personable. I would recommend her for any business.”

– Josephine, Owner,  The Pointe Shop

“I’ve worked with Auti for several years, and she always goes above and beyond what is asked of her. She aligns herself with brands and causes she feels passionate about, and puts her whole heart into her work highlighting those stories.”

– Carolyn Shlensky, Marketing Director, Pelicon Creative

“Auti is one of the most engaging speakers in our virtual events platform. Her passion, expertise, and ability to engage her audience is top notch-proven by data! She is able to attract and engage dancers worldwide.”

– Xiaoyin Qu, Founder and CEO, Run The World

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